Palette Wishlist!!

So many palettes, so little money. When it comes to palettes, nude and neutral is a must, whether it's shimmer or matte, I'm obsessed. I've always leaned toward more champagne and gold colours on the lids, bright pinks on the cheeks and subtle highlighting. So I figured I'd throw together a list of some beautiful palettes that I've been drooling over lately.  

This is definitely a splurge item at $71/CAD for only 7 shadows, but it's Marc Jacobs, do we really care? I'm pretty sure this is what Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" is based on...
I have the first and third Naked palettes and I only need this one to complete the trilogy, and it doesn't hurt that the colours are absolutely gorgeous

There aren't many exclusively highlighting palettes on the market, and if there were, I'm sure they'd all pale in comparison to this beauty. 
Now, Nars is one of my favourite beauty brands but this is probably one that will stay on my wishlist, $85 is just too steep for me, but a girl can dream right?!
I haven't tried much makeup from Clinique, but I love their High Impact & Bottom Last mascara & I've heard lots of wonderful things about their makeup. Plus, an exclusively nude shadow palette? count me in!!
This will probably be my next purchase. I was never really in love with the colours in "Naked" but when they came out with "Native" I knew I had to have it. The bright pink is the perfect blush shade!!

7. Lorac - Pro Palette - $42/US
Oh, the ever so elusive Lorac Pro Palette. The lengths I will go to get this palette, I live in Canada, and lemme tell you, it's impossible to find it here. I've even checked every Ulta in Michigan to see if I could find in store there, but nope, no luck. Mark my words, I will find get this one day!

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