My Sweater Weather Wishlist!!

Oh yeah, fall is upon us and I am beyond excited!! So naturally, I've put together a few of my absolute fall wants and needs, including everything from makeup to coffee!!

So first we have this amazing fragrance by Chloe that I've been wanting for quite some time. It's definitely not the stereotypical fall fragrance but I think it's fairly versatile and can work in any season!! To put it plainly, it smells like apples and honey and I absolutely love it!!
Toques are an absolute necessity living in Canada since it can get quite chilly during Autumn. I really like that this one is two toned and army green is one of my favourite colours for fall and it pairs with my burgundy coloured hair!!
 If you can't tell, I love Roots. They have some of the most comfortable and cozy sweaters you'll ever find. Granted, their prices are a bit steep, but quality wise, you absolutely get what you pay for!! If you're still not sold on paying over $70 on a hoodie, Roots always has 30% off sales, which usually brings the sweaters to around $55 depending on the price!!!

I've never been a huge plaid person but I'm really into it this year, I've already bought a couple flannels and a scarf. It just screams fall to me, and it's so cozy and warm, which like I said, is much needed in Canada's cold fall weather!!

Yes, I did include coffee in my wishlist, I am that serious about my caffeine!! PSL are my favourite lattes, they just make everything feel right in the world. There is some controversy about the ingredients in the drinks, but hopefully Starbucks will sort that out soon!!

So, other than the fact that these headphone are insanely gorgeous, they are also really great for those who bus or travel a lot and want to drown out the noises around them. I don't bus much anymore, but I mean look at them, who wouldn't want them!! They are so unique and fashionable and rose gold is my favourite!!!

My go to fall shadows are mostly neutrals, which i why I really love this palette. It's got pearls and mattes in browns, pinks and taupes, it just has the perfect combo of fall eyeshadows. 

I've never actually tried a brown eyeliner, but I've been seeing this Mac kohl eyeliner everywhere and it looks gorgeous. I always feel like black eyeliners are too harsh and a brown eyeliner would be a softer, less harsh alternative!!

Oh my god, if you know me at all, you know that my love for Bath & Body Works is undying!! But really, Bath and Body Works candles are my holy grail candles. Their fall & pumpkin scents are my favourite out of all of their candles, so naturally, I want them all!!

So there you have it, all the things that I covet for Autumn!! Since I started writing this post I actually bought a couple of these products and they'll be included in collective fall haul, so be excited for that :)!!


July Favs

Is it just me or did summer go by really fast? I can't believe were a week into August already :( But I do have to say July was a good month for makeup, there were so many products that I absolutely loved!!


My most favourite beauty product was definitely the IT Cosmetics Celebration Foundation & Brush Duo, but specifically the brush, it is amaaaazing!! I really liked the powder as well. Usually, Powder dries my skin out but not this one, and the coverage is definitely full and flawless!

While were talking about foundation, another I've been alternating with this past month was the Tarte Amazonian Clay 12 Hr Foundation. When I first got this foundation I wasn't too thrilled with it, it felt too heavy but after playing around with a couple different brushes I found it works best with a flat top kabuki, like the IT cosmetics brush. It definitely feels nicer now that I'm using the right brush with it!! It is a full coverage foundation and a really good one at that, it covers any blemishes and even the redness I get in my cheeks that is so hard to fully cover.

Continuing with face products, I got a Purlisse Pur-Moist Moisturizer in a Topbox back in April and I've loved it ever since. I refuse to pay over $50 for the full size so I've been swapping for it and I've accumulated about 6 or 7 of the samples which are a fairly decent size at 15ml and they last so long. I don't know what it is about it but unlike every other moisturizer I've used, this one actually made a difference in my skin and cleared up all my blemishes and even reduced the amount of acne I would get weekly.  

  I just recently picked up the Essence Beach Cruiser Blush is 01 -  I   Summer Break from Shoppers and lemme tell you, it is absolutely stunning. I've been dying over the Mac Blush Ombre in Ripe Peach, which unfortunately discontinued, so when I saw this I had a major freakout and had to have it, it is just soooooo perfect and it doesn't hurt that it's $4!!! 

Can we just take a minute to bask in the glory that is this blush, ahhhhhh.
 I've had a couple of lip products I've been loving this month, The Lush Bubblegum Lip Scrub, which I just realized was in my May Favourite (goes to show you how much I love it) and the Soap & Glory A Great Kisser Lip Moisture Balm in Sweet Coconut. As I've said before, my lips are constantly chapped so I need lip scrubs in my life, I really want to try the popcorn one from Lush too, their scrubs are just so good!! The Lip Balm from Soap & Glory, which is one of my favourite beauty brands out there, is so moisturizing, it's clear but it has a little sparkle to it. Best part is I got it on sale for $5 at Shoppers!!

Now, onto fragrances, I've mostly been using my gorgeous metallic pink Travalo filled with See By Chloe, which is a perfume I have yet to own (soon, very soon.) I can't get enough of it, it smells like heaven, and the Travalo is just so convenient, I always keep it in my bag so I don't have to carry around a full perfume bottle!! I got the Something About Sofia by Benefit quite awhile ago and forgot about it since I used to leave it in its adorable packaging, but I rediscovered it earlier in July and I've been using it ever since, it smells so so pretty, I believe it has notes of mangoes, peonies, lilies, vanilla, and caramel!! It's now discontinued but Benefit has a lot of really nice fragrances for sale on their website right now!!

There have been three accessories I've been loving in July!! My black round glasses from Forever 21, they are just so fun and I pretty sure they were only like $2!! 

I've also been loving my new Cara necklace from Chapters, It is honestly the prettiest necklace I own. I'm very cheap when it comes to jewellery since I don't wear it enough to justify spending loads of money on necklaces or bracelets so when I saw this in Chapters a few months ago, I fell in love with it but I did not fall in love with the price! Thankfully, I was perusing their clearance section online and I found it for only $10 and had to buy immediately since there were only a couple left!!

Lastly, I'm obsessed with the makeup pouch that my Ipsy products came in this month, it is a bright neon pink faux leather material. I didn't want to use it for makeup though since I don't want any spillage to ruin it so I use it as a  makeshift wallet for when I don't want to carry my full wallet and only need a couple cards and cash. It's also perfect passport size!!


Random stuff I've been loving this month ; Oreo Iced Caps from Timmies, True Detective(tv), Dr. Dre's Chronic Album, The Fosters(tv), my Ipad, & Ikea trips.

SO, that's it for my July favs, what were your favourite things in July? 


Sunday Sounds #1!!

Every other Sunday I'll be posting a SoundCloud playlist of songs that I'm currently obsessed with and can't stop listening to!!

What are your favourite songs at the moment?

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My Can't Stop/ Won't Stop Beauty Product Purchase!!

Woah, that is a mouthful! So, if any of you are like me then you probably have a beauty product that you literally can't and won't stop buying. For me, it's blush, oh my lord, I can't even begin to explain my perpetual love for blush. Whenever I go shopping for makeup I pretty much always gravitate towards all the blush sections in the store before I even think about looking at any other product, it's a serious problem!!

What's your can't stop/won't stop beauty product purchase?


*all photography is mine unless otherwise stated