Workspace Inspiration Roundup!!

Currently my workspace is extremely lacking, and by lacking I mean practically non-existent. I've been really obsessed with Pinterest lately and there have been so many gorgeous work space pins that are give me tons of ideas and inspiration, so I've rounded up a few of my favourite workspaces!!

Why I Love It: I think its really important to be inspired in your workspace and that's why I love the  little uplifting and encouraging quotes. The first this that caught my eye in this space was the cities calender since I'm pretty much obsessed with everything Rifle & Paper Co. and also the flowers because they are beautiful. Also, the fact that the desk is attached directly to the wall is such an amazing way to save space!! (source)

Why I Love It: What's not to love?? The artwork above the desk is insanely gorgeous, it definitely brings the whole space together. I also love the ampersand light, it adds a really nice glow to the space. There's also a beautiful rustic feel to this work place, with the weathered wood frame, the antique flower vase and the wire basket!! (source)

Why I Love It: I've always wanted a clock like the one picture above, it's so gorgeous and unique and it ties in with the black and white rug and the black board. I also really love the use of patterns in this space, the stripes, chevron, polka dot, and the use of muted pastel colours!! (source)
Why I Love It: I really love the stark contrast between the black and white, which I think is one of the nicest colour combinations in any room. I also really like the interesting black & white artwork and the tan an grey accents incorporated throughout the space (source)!!

Home office 
Why I Love It: I think it's so neat that the desk is pulled off the wall, which you don't see much in home offices. There is so much to love about this space, the cute little Moroccan pouf under the desk, all the artwork leaning on the window sill, the gold pencil holder, the beautiful pink patterned rug, and the very tall lamp (source)!!

Dream work space

Why I Love It: For starters I just love how this space has a very soft and feminine feel to it but still incorporates this very loud and crazy art collage on the wall. It's really important to be comfortable in your office as well and that's why the fur on the chairs is such a nice touch, especially if you are constantly working at your desk. There is absolutely nothing I dislike about this office, it's perfect in every way!!! (source)

Why I Love It: Once again the artwork above the desk really brings this space together and ties in all the pink accents on the desk. My favourite piece is definitely the ghost chair since you really cannot go wrong with anything lucite (source) !!


 Why I Love It: I just love the simplicity of this desk, there is no crazy artwork or tons of decor but it still works so well. It goes to show that you really only need a few gorgeous pieces, like the mint lamp and the gold pineapple and you can create a beautiful work space (source)!!

I definitely want my future apartment workspace to have a similar vibe to the ones above, very uplifting and colourful but also simple with the use of lots of blacks and whites and muted colours, like mints and corals. Also, an iMac wouldn't hurt (well actually it probably would hurt....my bank account) but I'll probably have to hold off on that till I move into a new apartment next year.

What's your must have office item?


Summer Essentials!!

I've put together a list of items that I find absolutely essential throughout the hot hot summer months!!


No one wants smelly and sweaty feet during the summer days, so light and airy footwear is an absolute essential, these three are my go to shoes for the summer.


Sunglasses are extremely important during summer, especially if you have sensitive eyes, like myself. It also doesn't hurt that they're really cute too!! I don't usually spend a lot on sunnies, since I seem to have this habit of breaking them....... My Ray Bans are definitely my most expensive pair but I usually get all my other ones from Forever 21.

 Ray Ban Polarized Original Wayfarer Classic Sunglasses - $250 - $325(with prescription)
Forever 21 Black Wayfarer Sunglasses - $6.80
Forever 21 Black Large Sunglasses -$6.80
Forever 21 Black Round Sunglasses - $6.80

*The Forever 21 links are for similar sunglasses since they no longer sell the ones shown above.

Hair Products

It's always good having hair products that'll actually help your hair during the summer. Dry shampoo is good if your hair easily gets sweaty and greasy and you need a quick fix and sprays that help prevent humidity from ruining your hair are a godsend during the hot and humid days. I also love using sea salt sprays, they smell so nice and they give your hair a beachy look.

Facial Mists

I really love refreshing mists, especially on those scorching hot days when you just need a quick breeze. Mac Fix + is definitely my favourite, I especially love the mini version since it's easier for traveling and just throwing it in your bag.


I'm a huge believer in wearing very light makeup during summer, I usually opt for no foundation and instead use concealer where needed or use a BB cream. I also find it better to stick with cream products than powder, such as cream blushes and highlighters. Since makeup tends to just melt off your face in the hotter days, eye primer is much needed, using one with colour is great since it eliminates the need for more eyeshadow.

Nail Polish

Now I'm not a huge nail polish lover but I know a lot of you guys are. I recently picked up the Dior Nail Glow and it is my new holy grail nail product, it is so easy and carefree to apply. It's simple yet so insanely gorgeous. On the rare occasion that I do wear nail polish, I usually lean towards more muted and pastel colours, these two are my favourite!!


There is nothing better than a good book in the summer. I don't get much time to read recreationally during school months, so I try to read as much as I can during the summer. I know there's a lot of controversy surrounding e-reading but I think it's all rubbish, doesn't matter what you're using as long as you actually pick up a book (or kobo) and read!!! Another thing I always do during Summer is catch up on all my TV shows, I've finally caught up on Game of Thrones (OMG is all i have to say) and The Mentalist and I'm about 8 episodes away from finally watching all of the Criminal Minds series (only took me a year and a half) Another summer essential is a good music playlist and some speakers, I'm obsessed with the Bose SoundLink Mini, it is amazzzzing!!

So that's it for my Summer essentials, what are yours?